Reign of the Depraved

by Depravity

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The first release from Australian Death Metal band DEPRAVITY.
Blasting Death Brutality featuring members of Impiety, Malignant Monster, Entrails Eradicated, The Furor, The Ritual Aura, Scourge, Necromancer, Inanimacy, Psychonaut, Obscenium, Mhorgl, Bloodlust, Pathogen, Pagan, Gallows for Grace and more.
Full length album ready to explode in 2017!
Stay tuned for total death.


released May 30, 2016

Produced By George Lever at G1 Productions
Artwork and logo by James Campbell



all rights reserved


Depravity Perth, Australia

Extreme Metal Attack from Perth, Western Australia

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Track Name: KRETIN

A social outcast
Not meant for this world
Held back by his moronic deeds
He waits his turn
Breeding his stupidity

They’re growing in number
Personality disorder
His currency
Is lies and deceit
While he spoon-feeds idiocy

Underhanded, tactics give him the throne
Bringing the planet, unto his own
Populous, false sense of security
His followers: desperate, naïve

Levelling the Intellectual
The strong-willed, knowledgeable
Power hungry, corrupt to the core
A kretin, by all accounts

An extremist
Cultist, nihilist
A racist kretin, by all accounts

Facetious fascist
The face of all nations
He releases boredom and ignorance
Passive obedience onto the multitude
Barbaric terrorism his strongest card

Diverting attentions with pointless bickering
Taking the blame pointing it at the nullified
Beating the truth out of his victims
Ensuring the secrets remain hidden

Now he is holding, his strongest hand
The government
Null and void
Total domination
Is upon him
The final strike
Is at hand

Enslavement of all under one banner
The flag is raised, all living matter
Wiped out in a blink of an eye
Children used as pawns, chosen to die

Commence the war the grandest religion of nations
Training up the next generation of martyrs
The blinding glare that comes from the fallout
An aftermath of complacency

Levelling the Intellectual
The strong-willed, knowledgeable
Power hungry, corrupt to the core
A kretin, by all accounts

Extremist, cultist, racist

Enslaved beneath steel
Suffer unto the masters will
Torturous workloads ruthlessly dispatched from birth until death
Deadline thrust upon all life, freedoms proudly castrated
Slave to a grotesque grind
The tainted profits are wrung from their agony

Forsaken sons whipped within an inch of death
Boldly absorbing anguish in every conceivable form
Unending lashes contort emancipated bodies
To maniacal profiteers your fleeting life is sold
Riddled with ghastly sickness
Plague upon pain
A new currency is born from blood and carnage
For this is how civilisations are made

Bound together
Slaves bound and whipped into line
Doomed brotherhood united in one pain
Workers collapse at the break of a new day

Echelons utterly impervious
For greed and power their souls are sold
Extracting agony from the flesh of the unfortunate
Infesting and molesting the offspring of the almighty

Blindly obeying hostile orders
The unwashed and bleeding will follow
Undernourished and unfed riddled with disease
Sprayed with urine and faeces
Death a welcome release
Cursed sons of a heinous cult
An empire of vulgar affluence
Vilely raping basic human rights

Obey till death the enslavers
The sadistic gods are now made proud
A curse upon life’s fine creation
The vile will of Karma unfurled
Racial enslavement reigns supreme
...Announced at the Kings decree
Pulverise naive peasantry
Arise, structures honouring cosmic deities

Obsessed offerings forged through tormenting sin
Empires ever building, ever crumbling
Revolt stirs within, dormant yet ever waiting
And when the signal's finally cast, the true bloodbath will begin

Torture! Slave legions seize the upper hand
Warlord! Enthrone the rabid beast in man
Battered! We lay to waste treacherous dictators
Revolted! The oppressed reclaim their land


Hellstorms incoming
Eagerly the flames are swelling
Devouring ruthlessly
A messenger dealt by death!
With all senses suffering
Feel the wrath of disaster
Battle blazes tirelessly
Thwarting the tyrant inferno

Season of sweltering death
Agonized by barbaric natures wrath
Incinerator, a fiery fist
Desolator of Earthly design

The time has come, to jump in your grave
Self sacrifice the only way out
Overcome with anguish and pain
Quiver at the coming of the Crucifire!

The end has come for you all!
Pulverized by proud chaos and certain death, almighty king!
Agony incoming, all life must die, global suicide
Hurl the cherished world, into the fire!

Ignite the fires of hatred
An inferno to end them all!

Storm of the horned lord
Ramified Resurrection
The roar of immortal might batters bestial strongholds
The eyes of the inferno paralyze the pettiest empires
A morbid storm none shall survive, except for the Crucifire!

Crucifire, conflagration's reign
A infernal spree of slaughter, all that remains
Triumph taken through torture
A seasonal upheaval
Hell on Earth!